My Review: The Next Thing On My List

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The Next Thing On My List is the story of June who offers a stranger, Marissa, a ride home after a Weight Watcher’s meeting. During the drive, Marissa unbuckles in order to reach her purse. At the same time, June swerves to miss a dresser that has fallen from a truck, flips the car, and Marissa is killed.

Soon after, June finds a list of things that Marissa wanted to complete before her 25th Birthday. Feeling guilty about the accident and lacking direction in her own life, June decides to tackle the list and finish it for Marissa.

Cute but extremely predictable, I recommend this book only if you are looking for a quick, nice read. She does use the F-bomb about 6 times in this book and once June is getting a massage (an item on the list) and she lets her mind wander, but those are the only two things I would warn a potential reader about.

The cover is cute. My daughter thought that it was a book about Fairies.



One thought on “My Review: The Next Thing On My List

    Tara said:
    February 11, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    No faeries! I don’t know if I can read it.

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