Month: May 2009

Mommies Behaving Badly: My Review

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When I started Mommies Behaving Badly, I thought that it was going to be another “bored Mom livin’ in the ‘burbs” books. It did start off funny, but then it took a hard turn when the main character is forced to handle a personal betrayal. And throughout the book the storyline did not live up to the lightness of the title.

I did not like this book because I did not like the characters. The main character, Ruby, was (rightfully so) always stressed. I could relate to her stress of three kids and did not enjoy reading about it. Don’t good books help you escape? Instead it just reminded me that I needed to do the dishes.

I hated her husband, Jack, and his selfish choices, and the consequences he forced on others. Ruby found a way to forgive him; I couldn’t. Therefore, I really did not like the ending.

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Ruby Dixon’s real life is a far cry from her romance writer persona. Cheerleading for her successful businessman husband Jack, caring for three children under the age of eight and trying to maintain her busy writing career leaves the 36-year-old Queens resident little time for the Cosmo-fueled nightlife she writes about. And after her husband’s big promotion takes them to Portland, Ore., she feels like a total fraud. While relishing the smashing success of one recently published book, Ruby’s struggling to finish another, adjusting to West Coast culture and dealing with a suddenly rocky marriage. Is husband Jack jealous of her newfound career high? Or have his many recent business trips been more bedroom- than boardroom-oriented?