The Turn of the Screw — My Review

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I have not read Henry James since college.  He is a master story-teller, but let’s be honest.  He can say in 800 words what I would prefer to be said in two.

Some say that this is the best ghost story of all time.  To put that claim on the book does it a disservice as it is impossible to truly measure up.  I expected great suspence, bone-chilling chapters, and instead all I got was. . .confused.  Really, truly confused.

There are too many loose ends.  Who wrote this manuscript?  The governess or perhaps Mrs. Grose?  Were there ghosts or was the governess insane.  If she was insane, was it from the beginning or did it develop from the isolation?  What happened at the end?  Did she kill him?  When his heart was dispossessed was that from Quint or because she held it in her hands after going crazy?  And reviews discuss the sexual tension in this book.  Where was THAT?

These are the questions that I have, and I welcome any clarity readers can provide.  Until then, I’ll keep looking for a truly good ghost story because this one fell short of my high expectations.


One thought on “The Turn of the Screw — My Review

    LeeAnn Volk said:
    September 22, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    So sorry that you didn’t like the book! The creepyiness of it all is that any of the things you questioned could have happened! The loose ends and the psycological mess of it all was what was so creepy.

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