High Country (South Jordan Book Club Selection for February)

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Book Cover Summary: A terrible car accident left Laura fatherless, injured, and at a loss for many memories of her life before the accident. But when she and her cousin Bruce are going through their Aunt Alice’s papers after her death, Bruce finds a certificate that will change Laura’s life forever: a marriage certificate. With her name on it. The doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to remember a lot of things, but how could she forget getting married?

Laura is shocked ever further when she finds out that she is heir to a fortune and her father’s ranch, High Country. As she discovers the secrets about her past that Aunt Alice had kept so well hidden from her, Laura is determined to get back what is rightfully hers. But trying to regain the beautiful house and land from a stubborn cowboy. Paul “Mac” Burgoyne, who claims to be her husband, is more than she bargained for.

In this gripping novel, best-selling author Jennie Hansen presents a fresh set of realistic, entertaining characters who learn the importance of forgiveness, faith, and love in the face of discord and misunderstanding.

My thoughts: There are great pieces of literature that stay with you long after you finish reading, and then there are “fluff” books good for a Sunday afternoon. This is a fluff book.

Getting beyond the cliche of the amnesia and surprise trust fund, this book is full of ‘misunderstandings’ that make a 50 page novel 231 pages. Deep Sigh. Most of them involve the cute neighbor girl and around the fifth ‘misunderstanding’ you are left wondering how dense two characters can be.

And I have to comment on the main male character, Mac. He’s a good looking cowboy who tends to pick up Laura and whisk her away to varying locations. It’s just not realistic. When was the last time you were whisked? Whisking just does not happen that often, unless you are Laura and Mac. And then there’s a whole lot of whisking.

This book will not change your life, but it may entertain your Sunday if you are looking for a love story. With a lot of whisking.


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