Crossing To Safety — My Thoughts

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What a beautiful book. Having just completed The Book Thief, I thought, only knowing the title, that perhaps this book was about two couples trying to get over some border in some war-torn country. Two couples who were, well, ‘crossing to safety’.

Instead, I found this quiet book about life. Two couples become great friends when their professional lives are just beginning. Both husbands are teachers in the English Department and the wives become best friends.

Though Larry Morgan is the narrator of the tale, the star character is Charity Lang who controls everything (especially her husband) just through the strength of her character. She’s always in control of everything, or at least wants to be. Larry continuously comments on how this affects their friendships and how he thinks this affects Charity’s husband. He’s not always kind to Charity, but it is his narrative, and so he is allowed.

This story spans four decades. This is not a book that focuses on a dramatic argument, a dramatic illness, a dramatic anything, because Larry believes that life is not found in just the drama, but in all of the other moments.

A beautiful book; a wonderful read.


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