Final Thoughts: Fire In The Bones

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I was amazed by the story and dedication of William Tyndale. What a brave, dedicated man to face the wrath of all those in authority in the Church and in the government simply because he believed that everyone should have access to the Word of God.

That said, I disliked this book. S. Michael Wilcox needed an editor. A very strong editor. With a very large red pen. His writing was without focus. One minute Tyndale was studying and getting his degree and the next chapter the New Testament was translated and done. What in the world? What happened during the translation? How long did it take? Where was he while he did this? How could you just skip over this? Then one minute the author is discussing the smuggling of the books into England and in the very same chapter he goes into a long comparison with the translation of the Book of Mormon. ARGH! Focus!

In other words, I would like to and will read more about William Tyndale but I am done with Michael Wilcox.


One thought on “Final Thoughts: Fire In The Bones

    Tara said:
    March 6, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Don’t think I’ll read the book, but your review made me laugh

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