Three Cups of Tea Discussion Questions

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1.How do you think Mortenson’s childhood shaped him?

2.How is building schools in Pakistan similar to climbing a mountain? What did Mortenson learn from his failed attempt to summit K2?

3.What aspects of Mortenson’s personality have made him able to succeed so well in his efforts in Pakistan?

4.Why do you think the villagers in Korphe were so excited about getting their own school? What is unique about having a school, as opposed to other things Mortenson could have built, like a hospital or community center?

5.What did you learn about the culture in Northern Pakistan? Did anything surprise you?

6.There are several times in the book when things seem to serendipitously come together for Mortenson — like stumbling upon Korphe when he was lost and receiving a $20,000 donation from an audience of two. Do you believe these are the result of divine intervention or just fortunate coincidence?

7.What risks has Mortenson taken? Do you think he has been brave or foolish?

8.After reading Three Cups of Tea, are you optimistic about peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan?

9.Did Three Cups of Tea challenge you to make more of a positive difference in the world?

10.Rate Three Cups of Tea on a scale of 1 to 5.


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