Discussion Questions for the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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From About.com:

1.Were you confused by Christopher’s odd way of telling a story when you first began the book? Did that frustrate you or draw you into the novel?

2.Did the story help you understand people with autism any better?

3.Talk about the relationship between Christopher and his father. Do you think his father does a good job of dealing with his behavior?

4.Do you sympathize with his father’s actions, or do you think they were unforgivable?

5.Talk about Christopher’s relationship with his his mother. How do the letters he finds help explain her actions?

6.Is it easier for you to forgive his father or his mother? Why do you think it is so much easier for Christopher to trust his mother than his father? How does that reveal the way Christopher’s mind is different?

7.What do you think the illustrations added to the story?

8.Did you enjoy Christopher’s tangents?

9.Was the novel believable? Were you satisfied with the ending?

10.Rate this book on a scale of one to five.


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