My Thoughts On Desolate Angel by Chaz McGee

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Unfortunately, I did not like this book. I have high expectations for a mystery. I need a lot of dialogue. I need for there was be shocking twists. I need the foreshadowing to not be so heavy that it slams into you every time you read over it. I need for the “leads” to not be like a connect-the-dot exercise I would give my five yeard old. So, let’s be honest, I need Harlan Coben.

So what was wrong with this book? Well, he’s dead, and so there’s no dialogue because there is no one for him to talk to. Instead, you are treated to the innerworkings of his thoughts and a laundry and often-repeated list of his regrets.

There were no twists, no turns. Reading this book was like following Interstate 70 in Kansas.

The foreshadowing was heavy and left nothing to the imagination. Truly, this was a mystery novel for idiots.


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