My Thoughts On Life As We Knew It

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I finished this book a week ago. It was heavy and sad and depressing. It was the train wreck you could not look away from. Is she going to survive? Are her brothers? Mom? Friends?

The main character is just an average teenager worrying about average teenager things in a journal. But one day a meteor hits the moon, making it come off of its orbit. Since the moon controls the tides, huge tsunamis wipe out all major cities on any coast line.   New York is gone.  Miami is gone.  Almost the entire population of Australia (since they all live on the coast) are gone.  And since the moon has a gravitational pull, volcanoes start erupting everywhere, sending ash into the air and blocking out the sun. And the sun’s heat.  Forget cell phones.  Forget electricity most days.  Thanks to a well, they do have running water. . .for awhile.

The Mom in this book acted fast and very intelligently. She stocked up on canned food and paper products and aspirin and clothes and blankets. This book is a “how to survive ten months without the grocery story” manual. I want to go out and stockpile tuna fish and canned chicken.

If you’ve ever wondered how the world might end and what it might look like, dig into this book. And then go out and buy a ton of tuna.


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