My Thoughts on Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

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A few years ago our bookclub started reading this book but then a member said that there were some inappropriate parts to the book and a new book was quickly chosen.

Years later, I decided to give it another try. I quickly stumbled upon the scene that she was concerned about. As families are enjoying the circus under the Big Top, there’s a completed different, and more expensive, show going on in another tent.

Sara Gruen is an expert storyteller. I was never bored, nothing ever lulled, it was a well told story, even if the very end was a little cheesy if not impractical. The ‘surprise’ ending was even a surprise I did not predict back on page 25, which is always nice.

I would not recommend this book because it has some inappropriate parts and its main love story is an adulterous affair. And no matter how you sell it, adultery is never romantic.

I was not as enchanted by this book as the million of other readers who made it famous. But I do like the writing style of Sara Gruen and would happily read anything else she writes.


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