My Thoughts on Look Again by Scottoline

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A few months ago I read Think Twice by Scottoline. I quickly just skimmed through it. I gave her another chance with Look Again. Once again I was reading a book that looked interesting but just had a character I could not connect with.

What would you do? You adopt a baby boy when he is about 18 months. He’s been in the hospital with heart problems and his mother got overwhelmed and agreed to the adoption. But, when you son is three you see a “Have You Seen Me” mailer and there is a picture (age progressed) of your son.

Maybe it’s the mother in me, or the attorney in me, but if I could not ‘just let it go’ (my primary temptation), I would hire an attorney and work through it that way.

But I’m not the main character in this book. She’s a reporter, so she tries to figure it out herself by trying to locate the birth parents that she adopted her son from and then getting DNA samples from the parents of the kidnapped boy.

In the midst of this is betrayal, murder, apparent suicides. . .but surprisingly a happy ending.

It was an interesting story, an interesting discussion piece (what would you do??) but a book I could not dive into because I just did not like the main character.


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