My Thoughts On The Postmistress

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I will have to email the author and ask her why she called this book “The Postmistres” because, well, there is a Postmaster in this book and she absolutely hates the term “Postmistress”.

This was an interesting book. It is set during World War II before the United States has entered the war. Everyone is worried about if/when Germany is going to attack the East Coast.

Amidst this storyline we meet three women: a Postmaster, a young wife and a reporter. The reporter is in London, trying to broadcast what is happening to London during the nightly bombings.

At one time the reporter goes to Europe. She knows that there are trainloads of Jews trying to get out of Germany and she wants to talk to them and get their stories.

When I reached this part of the book, I just rolled my eyes and dreaded the next few pages. It just did not seem that the author would be able to tell THAT story very well.

But, it was amazing. I was at the gym, reading, and I started crying on the treadmill over one section. It was truly embarrassing.

I do have two problems with the book. First, these characters would have the deepest conversations with total strangers, and I found that to be improbable. But maybe that’s what war does — it gets rid of the silly chitchat.

Also, I spent a long time waiting for the story to ‘start’ and for the characters to come together. I think I missed a lot of the story while I was waiting for something bigger to happen. This book is what it is.


One thought on “My Thoughts On The Postmistress

    LeeAnn Volk said:
    November 1, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Sometimes, okay a lot of the time, I think we miss the subtle things that authors write because we are waitng for the Big Things to happen. My dad always read the last 4-5 chapters of a book first so he can slow down and really enjoy the book. I’ve done this on those books that I have a hard time getting into and it has help me to know if I would even care to finish a book or not.

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