Day: November 1, 2010

What I Am Reading Now: The Three Weissmann’s of Westport

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A geriatric stepfather falls in love with a scheming woman half his age in Schine’s Sense and Sensibility–flecked and compulsively readable follow-up to The New Yorkers. ‘

Betty Weissman is 75 when Joseph, her husband of nearly 50 years, announces he’s divorcing her. Soon, Betty moves out of their grand Central Park West apartment and Joseph’s conniving girlfriend, Felicity, moves in.

Betty lands in a rundown Westport, Conn., beach cottage, but things quickly get more complicated when Betty’s daughters run into their own problems.

Literary agent Miranda is sued into bankruptcy after it’s revealed that some of her authors made up their lurid memoirs, and Annie, drowning in debt, can no longer afford her apartment.

Once they relocate to Westport, both girls fall in love—Annie rather awkwardly with the brother of her stepfather’s paramour, and Miranda with a younger actor who has a young son. An Austen-esque mischief hovers over these romantic relationships as the three women figure out how to survive and thrive.

It’s a smart crowd pleaser with lovably flawed leads and the best tearjerker finale you’re likely to read this year. (Feb.)
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My Thoughts On Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

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Unfortunately, I think that the cover and the inside cover summary was better than the actual book. Here’s the problem. It’s slow. No, really, it’s ssssllllooooowwwwww.

Set in England, there is a whole lot of tea drinking and surface conversations. You know what’s coming. . .you can see it coming. . .you know it will happen soon. . .and finally you just start skimming. Okay, well, at least I did.

The ending held a few surprises (hooray!) and it was overall a good, clean book. But did I mention it was a little slow?