My Thoughts On Peace Like A River

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There is so much in this book to love. The father is amazing, though being a wife myself I may never forgive him for dropping out of medical school. His faith, his “intuneness” (if that is a word) is inspiring, and the miracles that it brings about are so interesting to read.

That said, that is just a small portion of the book, the rest of it being occupied by Rueben telling about his family and what happened when his older brother Davy shot two boys. You can debate forever whether they deserved it and whether Davy’s actions were justified, and that is what makes this a great selection for book club. The discussions that come from this book are a lot more than “It was good; I liked it.”

I love Rueben’s journey as he decides in his own head how he feels about what Davy did and how he battles doing the right thing and trying to help his brother at the same time.

My only complaint is that the book is a little heavy, a little slow, and as a fan of witty dialogue, I was sometimes tempted to start skipping through. But, I was rewarded for staying on the path.


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