My Thoughts On “The Rest Of Her Life” by Laura Moriarty

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I really enjoyed this book! At the beginning a horrible accident occurs and the main character, Leigh, must work through it with her daughter, Kara. It would be a hard enough situation in the best of circumstances, but Leigh has a difficult relationship with her daughter, and they struggle to communicate even about small things.

I loved watching the mother-daughter relationships in this book. Kara and Leigh do NOT have a bad relationship because Leigh is distant and Kara is a teenage brat. On the contrary, they are both good people doing good things, but Leigh is so affected by her relationship with her mother that it clouds and affects the relationship with her own daughter.

In this book you see how each generation tries to give their child what they wanted when they were the same age instead of looking at the actual need of their child. Leigh and Kara work through this awareness, and it’s a great journey to work through with them as they struggle to go on after the accident.


One thought on “My Thoughts On “The Rest Of Her Life” by Laura Moriarty

    Tara Williams Gruwell said:
    June 21, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    is this a happy book?

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