My Thoughts on The Magicians and Mrs. Quent

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This book made me truly sad. Not because it was depressing but because it was so good, and I just did not have time to really sit down and read it.

But, I finally finished it! (It’s a little under 500 pages). Since high school I have read really bad “Part II” books. I’ve read about four different Pride & Prejudice Part II’s and they were all horrible. So I am AMAZED and a little embarrassed for my gender that a male was able to dial in to Bronte and Austen so well. Not that this is a sequel by any means. But in his book you catch glimpses of Austen and Bronte — but with dialogue included. Hurray!

This is the story of Ivy, a beautiful, smart and brave young woman who, in the effort to help her father and her family, sets off on a dangerous, romantic and magical adventure.

It’s fabulous, and I am excited to read the next book, though I have heard it is not as good.

This book is CLEAN. I do not think that there is a single bad word in it and though there are two love stories in this book and a wedding, there is not a single kiss except toward the very end when two people kiss twice. And they really shouldn’t. Really.

Those are the only spoilers I’ll provide — now get reading!


One thought on “My Thoughts on The Magicians and Mrs. Quent

    Kiersten said:
    June 29, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    sounds good, I’ll have to pick it up

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