Month: July 2011

My Thoughts on The Bricklayer

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I am a sucker for a recommendation, and the front cover of The Bricklayer displayed rave reviews from Patricia Cornwell, Lee Child and James Patterson. How could you not dive in?

This book was everything it was sold to be — a mystery with a twist and lots of action in each and every chapter.

There may have been too much action. I got tired of the good guy and the bad guy shooting at each other and missing over and over. And as for the surprise twist, I knew who was involved. I just did not know why. That was a twist.

There was a little romance mingled through all of this. But, the author is a male, and men never write romance and even seduction correctly. Anyone else remember the library scene in Atonement? Yep, enough said.

Good book, lots of twists, lots of action, but after awhile you are ready for it to all end. That’s why it’s a good book. Great books you never want to end.