What I Am Reading Now: The Handbook for Lightning Guide Survivors

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Review From Amazon.com:

Young-Stone’s luminescent debut follows the lives of two people who are forever changed by lightning strikes.

In North Carolina, Becca is struck at the age of eight on her driveway and walks away changed but mostly unharmed.

Buckley, 13, flees Arkansas with his mother, Abigail, to start over, but their newfound happiness is torn asunder when Abigail is killed by lightning.

Haunted by his mother’s death, Buckley is obsessed with lightning strikes and becomes an expert on the phenomenon in hope of understanding why the lightning chose his mother and not him.

Becca eventually flees North Carolina and her parents’ broken marriage for New York City, where she is able to focus on her art and even secure a gallery show.

Becca and Buckley’s parallel stories, as well as curiosity about how their paths finally converge, will keep the pages turning, while the complex, colorful characters, and the deep bonds that form between them in spite of and even because of the tragedies they survive, will live on in readers’ minds long after they reach the end of this powerful, beautiful novel. –Kristine Huntley


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