My Thoughts on Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay

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I have never read a book that focused on life in Stalin’s Russia. The main character of this book, Nina, is a famous ballet dancer. But even her talent and fame does not protect her from the deprevity of life under ‘Uncle Stalin’s’ reign. She sees neighbors taken away for no apparent reason, she sees friends being forced to spy on good friends, she sees the Jews start to get rounded up and put into prison. . .all this while achieving a good deal of personal success.

This book was interesting, and there was a ‘mystery’ to keep reading until the end. Well, actually, there were a few of them.

Daphne Kalotay is an expert story-teller. Her characters are so vivid that I wanted to Google them when I was done to find more information. And then I remembered that they were not real. Woops!

My main complaint is that this book is about 100 pages too long. I started skimming toward the end. I just wanted the story to resolve already. A little editing could have gone a long way.


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