My Thoughts on The Vanishing of Katharina Linden

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How can you not love a book that starts with the main character saying that her life would have been much different if her grandmother would not have blown up?

And there starts a good book by a great storyteller. I really enjoyed this book! Little Pia, age 10, is going through such a hard time as she faces issues which are too big for her little ten years. The story is charming and you do not sense that this is truly a scary story until it is almost too late. Wait! This is a nice kid story! When did it turn into Steven King?

You can see the danger approach. You know things are not as they seem. But you pity a ten year old who is trying to figure out why girls are vanishing in her small village in Germany and who wants to be the town hero in order to stop being the girl whose grandma blew up at Advent.

It starts off with a charming little story and then it gets scary. Legitimately, start skimming like crazy because this paragraph is too scary, scary!

I liked this book, though, because the author is a master storyteller and she ties up all of the loose ends. It’s a great October book!

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