My Thoughts on The Gentleman Poet

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When I started reading The Gentleman Poet by Kathryn Johnson I thought that I might have been tricked. “Is this a kiddie book?” I wondered as I started reading. Not that the subject matter is for tots (not AT ALL!). It’s just that the font was about a 14.

It was an interesting story. A young servant girl with a tragic history is sailing for Jamestown, Virginia, with the Lady for whom she works. Their ship is caught in a severe storm and they are forced the land and build a new ship while they live in the Bahamas (heaven!) for a little over a year.

While on the island, the young girl befriends a kind ‘gentleman poet’ who was supposed to be the journey’s historian but he actually turns out to be William Shakespeare who is being inspired and, while there, writes The Tempest.

The young girl, Elizabeth Miranda, falls in love on the island with the ship’s cook, and it is an okay romance. There is a scene that seems to be out of place and words are spoken which I would find hard to forgive. And Elizabeth’s vow to never love/never marry, which lasts a good 2/3 of the book, does get a little weary.

The ending holds a surprise. The idea of Shakespeare living on a deserted island was interesting. Pick it up if you see it on the shelf, but do not go out of your way.


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