My Thoughs on Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Milne

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This book has reminded me why men should stay out of romance novels. They just do not understand the way that women think, the way that they would respond, the way things would happen in a girl’s mind. Which is fine if the book was from a male perspective. But the main character in this book was female, and the author just did not get it right.

Now, the premise of this book is great. An orphaned girl, abandoned by her finance, still heartbroken, tells her fiance, who desperately wants another chance, that they can have a date if he can help her locate ‘true happiness’. He places an ad in the paper, it gets the attention of the press, it could have been okay. . .

The thing is, it could never happen. And the author did not even follow through with the original premise.

I liked the characters. I really liked the beginning — it had me in tears! But the rest of the book was just so-so. It seems like men are as good at writing romance than they are in actual romance situations. Which is not very good.


One thought on “My Thoughs on Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Milne

    Tara Williams Gruwell said:
    December 15, 2011 at 7:42 pm


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