My Thoughts On Deeply, Desperately by Heather Webber

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I was a big fan of Truly, Madly by Heather Webber — another Lucy Valentine mystery. I liked the humor in the book, the clean love story, the mystery, and so I was excited to find Deeply, Desperately at the library last week.

It did not disappoint. Everyone now knows about Lucy’s gift for finding “lost” items, and they do not doubt her ability so that whole storyline is gone. She still has a love interest, Sean, but in this book his ex-fiance is back in the picture. This book is not as clean as the first one as their romance has, um, well, advanced onward. But it is still a clean romance.

There are a lot of storylines in this one. Who is sending Lucy threatening letters? Where is the missing mother? Why is her father acting funny? What is wrong with Sean’s ex-fiance? Where is her clients lost love?

Everything gets wrapped up nicely at the end, and I enjoyed the journey!


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