My Thoughts on They Did It With Love by Kate Morgenroth

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In order to read this book I set my alarm an hour early so I could get some quiet time to just read and enjoy this book. I love this book more than sleep. A higher compliment I cannot bestow upon anything.

It was an easy read. Short chapters. Little glimpses into each character’s life. I thought that the stereotypes of the charcters were a little overdone — the frumpy, trusting housewife, the controlling, vindictive neighbor, the trampy, young, dumb second wife — they are all in this story of a mystery bookclub who discovers a member hanging from the tree and are determined to help the police find out whodunit.

There are two surprise twists at the very end. I think that you will either find the ending to be a type of poetic justice or to be a little disturbed by how everything worked out. I was a little disturbed but amused all at the same time. And I hated the loose, very loose, moral character of nearly each and every character. But maybe that’s how life is — affairs are no big deal and are to be expected. I still thought it was a little disturbing.

A fun, easy read. Pick it up!


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