My Thoughts on Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

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This was an interesting read. It was (is?) a New York Times Bestseller and has won an award. It was very serious. Serious topics, serious plots. There was no humor thrown in to lighten things up. Not much of romance to be found except between Silas “32” and his girlfriend. The F bomb showed up a couple of times. And even the C word made an appearance once. All this taken into account, it was, dare I say? a boy book. Yep, it’s a book you can recommend to your husbands. There’s just nothing girly in here at all.

The book had a strong plot. The characters were interesting and extremely flawed. It makes you never want to visit, let alone live, in the South. Ever.

Poor Larry grew up in the country. His Dad was a horrible man. He never had any friends. And guess what? He grew up socially awkward. So when the pretty girl down the street suggested that they go to a movie, he thought maybe his luck had changed.

But she did not want a date. She wanted an alibi so she could meet up with her secret boyfriend. And after she leaves Larry on their date, she disappears. She is never found again and the community convicts Larry and isolates him even more than he was before. They vandalize his home. They will not allow him in their churches. They will not allow him to make a living at the car shop. He’s stuck.

And decades later, another girl disappears.

It was an interesting book, interesting characters, interesting plot, even a few surprises here and there. But definitely a boy book.


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