My Thoughts on Absolutely, Positively by Heather Webber

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This book is the third in the Lucy Valentine series by Heather Webber. I have greatly enjoyed this series, although I was a little nervous about this book. The two books previous to this one could easily be found in the fiction section. Just good old fashioned fiction. It took me a little while to locate this book because it was in the (gulp) romance section.

What oh what was in this book that would make it be filed in the romance section?

Not much. The second book in this series had a lot more ‘romance’ in it. This one was just plain, simple, fabulously fun fiction.

Lucy Valentine returns and is helping a young woman find a lost love and helping her grandmother find their neighbor. Insert a mystery man tossing twenty dollar bills in downtown Boston, an art thief, a mysterious doctor who can heal, and a long-awaited reunion for her parents, and you have a great book.

I love these books. They are light and fun and interesting. I am disappointed that the author is switching names and genres to try her hand at something new. I hope she finds her way back to Lucy Valentine soon.


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