My Thoughts on Assault With A Deadly Glue Gun

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I have admitted to it before, I will admit to it again. I am a sucker for a clever title and a nice cover.

Though, as an attorney, I do not like the fact that they call this an “assault” because it was actually a murder, which is so much more than an assault. But, I digress. . .

The overall theme of the book is creative. Wife is suddenly widowed and discovers that husband had a large gambling problem and has left her broke. Actually, more than broke. Heavily in debt and with the worst people. She also has her mother-in-law living with her and will also get her own mother a few chapters in. She has two sons and is sleeping on the couch to avoid a snoring parent.

Even though her husband just died, she goes right back to work (which I thought was stretching fiction a little far) and on her first day of work a hated coworker turns up dead in her cubicle, killed with her glue gun.

How do you kill someone with a glue gun? You’ll have to read this in order to find out.

The author has the best of intentions throughout the book, but there are so many puns in this book, so many corny subplots, you just want it to end already. It gets cheesy.

It is a mystery and you find out “whodunit” at the end. Too bad I already had it figured out by page 50.


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