My Thoughts on The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf

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This was an interesting read.  You want to read it and are quickly drawn in because you want to get the girls to a safe place and know that they are okay.

Little Calli is put in a dangerous situation by her father, and you assume that her friend, Petra, is close behind.  But that’s actually just a twist.  I have to admit, I read ahead in order to find out if Calli made it out of the woods and what happened to her father.  And I was somewhat surprised by the Petra twist.

You know right away that the father is a jerk but my feelngs toward the Mom changed from chapter to chapter.  Sometimes I felt as though she was another victim and other times I felt that she should have done more to get her children out of a bad situation.  I was astonished that she could not figure out what caused her daughter’s selective mutism.  Well, duh, lady, you saw the entire thing. . .but like I said, my feelings toward the Mom changed a lot.

It was a good read, a quick read, but not necessarily a must read.


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