My Thoughts on A Lantern In Her Hand by Aldrich

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Our neighborhood bookclub is reading this book for May.  It is a good pick because it is completely CLEAN.  And it looked like a fast read, a mere 250 pages.  But the font was a little small, making it a little longer than expected.

When we first meet Abbie, she is eight.  Following the death of their father, they are heading out west.  She is in the wagon with her sister and asks her sister to tell her about her father and how he was wealthy and lived in an estate.  But he lost it all and went to America with his wife and growing family.

Time speeds quickly along and soon Abbie is a young adult, teaching school.  And she realizes when the neighbor boy returns from the Civil War that she loves him.  They are married and decide to start their family on their own homestead in Nebraska.  Well, her husband decides.

I really expected this story to be a love story between Abbie and Will, and, in a way, it sort of is.  But this is a story of an entire life.  It does not end with a kiss at the alter or even with the first child or even with the first grandchild.  This is Abbie’s entire life, and it was a good reminder to keep planning and keep dreaming because life does not pause at 24 like we think it does when we are 12 and dreaming.  It does not even pause at 35!

An interesting read, a good bookclub book because it is entirely clean and uncontroversial.



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