My Thoughts on On The Wings of Heroes by Peck

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I have been reading many World War II books lately.  As a bookclub, we read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet.  I also have been trying to get through Unbroken.  It’s just so heavy because it’s a true story — the weight of all the horrible things that happened to him is sometimes too much, and I have to put the book down.  Sometimes for weeks at a time.

So On The Wings of Heroes was a joy.  It’s a Youth Fiction book that shows World War II through a young boy’s eyes.  The boy, Davy, thinks his father is the greatest thing in the world.  So it is hard for him to watch his father falter under the stress of having Davy’s brother, Bill, enter the military and begin flying in Europe.  I think that the best scene of the book involved this relationship as Davy catches his father crying in the bathroom one night and essentially begs him to “Be Dad”.  It’s the best way he could phrase it, and those two words are enough.

I loved the relationships in this book.  I especially loved the grandma, especially as I understood her real reason for being there.  Such fabulous people in an uncertain time.

I also loved learning about the sacrifices everyone made for the war effort: sugar, rubber, nylon, paper.  We are so spoiled.



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