What I’m Reading Now: Big In Japan by Griffith

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From the Publisher: Jolly Fish Press

Buck Cooper is Texan, obese, and invisible to his colleagues. And to the voluptuous Allison Turner, the girl of his dreams, he is way below parr. Buck’s entire life is about fitting in, a feat he’s been struggling to achieve but has never succeeded. Until serendipity lands him in Japan. Right in the middle of a sumo match.

As his life takes a new turn in a country where being big can mean fame and fortune, Buck must embark on the most dangerous, yet adventurous ride of his life—to find the ultimate meaning of love and acceptance. Even if it means risking his life and giving up everything he has.

Big in Japan, a novel by Jennifer Griffith, is set to release on July 21, 2012. It is a novel that takes the reader into the heart of sumo in Japan. Using humor in her narrative, Griffith seamlessly juxtaposes the human drama behind Japan’s national sport with one man’s pursuit of love and acceptance.

Griffith grew up in Idaho and learned to speak Japanese while she lived in Japan for a year and a half during college. She earned a degree in writing and has worked for the U.S. Congress. She writes a column for her local newspaper and blogs about writing and candy. At 5’1″ Griffith is far too short to ever consider sumo wrestling. Big in Japan is her fourth novel, and her first with Jolly Fish Press.


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