My Thoughts on Perfectly Matched by Webber

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Sometimes for my birthday I buy a book, sit at a coffee shop with an extra large hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin and relax. It’s a little present that I give to myself on my birthday if my birthday falls on a weekend. There is no greater compliment that I can give to an author than I picked their book to enjoy.

This year I picked Perfectly Matched by Heather Webber. I love the Lucy Valentine series. The books are full of laugh out loud humor, romance, mystery, intrigue — all wrapped into one little package. Webber announced awhile ago that she was shelving Lucy Valentine in order to try her hand at a different series. I think that the outcry made her change her mind. But, that said, it is easy to see that this book was written quickly. The ending, while interesting, does not feel complete and there are some loose plot lines that never got tied up at the end. She released this book first as an e-book, and an inexpensive one at that, and I believe that the paperback has only recently hit shelves. All these factors show that this book was not done with the same thought and time as the other Lucy Valentine books, and it shows. I still loved it, though!


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