My Thoughts on The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty

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When I picked up this book, I read the reviews on the back and was excited to read a hilariously funny novel as promised by the reviewers at Oprah and Self Magazine.

After about 150 pages, I realized that something had gone horribly wrong.  The main character of the book, Ellen, was clever and had a few witty thoughts, but. . .  hilarious?  This is a book about a stalker.  I was missing something.  So I looked at the back of the book and realized that the reviews were for the author’s previous novel: What Alice Forgot.  Woops!  Well, I cannot wait to read What Alice Forgot.

But, back to The Hypnotist’s Love Story. . .

Ellen is 35 (hooray for a book about a woman!), a hypnotherapist who works out of her home, and she has many failed relationships behind her.  She has entered her fourth serious relationship, and she is dedicated to making this relationship work.  But, there is a problem.  Actually, a couple of problems.  He is a widower, and a woman that he dated for three years after his wife died has turned into his stalker.

Ellen is in love, and she is willing to work through the fact that he is still strongly in love with his dead wife and that he has a stalker that shows up at every date, every vacation, and even in her house.

This book trades off between Ellen’s naration and the stalker’s point of view.  It’s pretty fascinating to find out why she chooses to stalk Ellen and Patrick and how it has affected her life.  She’s full of rage and so angry because Patrick wants her to go away.  How can she go away?  She existed, they existed as a family, and she does not want that to go away.  It shows you how easy it is to go a little crazy.

Though I greatly enjoyed the book, it does move slowly in parts, and I found myself heavily skimming around page 245.  I skipped ahead to about page 350.  I just needed to get Ellen to a nice, safe place and a happy ending!


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