Day: November 30, 2012

My Thoughts On What Alice Forgot

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I picked up this book because the reviews said that it was laugh-out-loud funny. I ended up thoroughly skimming this book because it was not only not funny but kind of stressful.

While at the gym, Alice, 39, falls during her spinning class, hits her head on one of the bars, and when she wakes up she is 29, happily married, financially struggling and pregnant.

So imagine her surprise when her husband does not meet her at the hospital (they are separated) and a picture she finds in her purse reveals that she has THREE children when she does not even remember giving birth to one.

Alice’s estanged sister comes to the hospital to help her fill in the decade that she is missing, and Alice is not happy with her new life. Thanks to a better financial situation, her home is renovated and beautiful, but her husband will not talk to her on the phone, she is dating a guy that is a little on the nerdy side, and though she is physically fit, it’s due to all the time she spends at the gym, and she hates the gym!

Alice has an opportunity to merge the things she loved about her life when she was 29 with the life she now has but has to find a way to improve the relationships she has hurt over the last ten years.

It’s an interesting idea for a book. You really hurt for Alice when she calls her husband, not knowing that they are estranged, and he swears at her over the phone. And when her three kids come home and they are hungry and moody and she does not even know their names. . .well, you can see why I started skimming.

I skimmed to the end, and the ending was fabulous! It was everything in the middle I was not crazy about.