My Thoughts On The Shadow Girls by Henning Mankell

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The person who wrote the great summary of this book should have kept writing . . . and just wrote the entire thing.  The summary was much, much better than the book.

Jesper Humlin is a famous poet, recovering from his last long vacation and now back to the daily exhaustig existence of a pushy editor, a pushy and manipulative mother and a pushy and stuck girlfriend.  He later encounters three pushy immigrant females and tries to help them write their own stories but later discovers that some stories, even great ones, cannot be told.

The further I get away from this book, the more I dislike it.  The other characters in this novel are exhausting.  Everyone speaks in the same rushed, hurried manner. You are supposed to feel horrible for the refugees, but mostly you just feel angry.

I know that Henning Mankell did not write this book.  I understand that it was a translation.  But something was seriously missing in the translation.



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