My Thoughts on Cinder and Ella by Lemon

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Cinder and Ella

What if there was no ‘Cinderella’? What if her story was actually emcompassed in two very different sistes?

That is what Lemon considers in the book Cinder and Ella. Cinder is the patient servant, willing to support her mother and spoiled sisters. Ella is brave and wants more out of her life. But, most importantly, she wants to find her father.

The story, in of itself, is rather disappointing. It’s a little boring and drawn out. The symbolism, however, stayed with me for a long time. The missing father has locked himself into a prison of his own making. He is free to leave when he wants but has allowed evil to take hold of him. It reminds me or other moral addictions. The physical prison cannot be seen but the mental one is very real.

I also liked the symbolism of the king. He has an evil son, and sometimes he has to watch the great evil that his son spreads. But then he banishes him from the kingdom and chooses to intervene at times when he is desperately needed. The symbolism of that story is very interesting to ponder on.

I know that Lemon has written similar novels where she reinterprets a fairytale. I will not read them and believe that they may be more fully appreciated by girls age 12-18.


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