My Thoughts on Dissension by Monson

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I must admit at the beginning of this review to a bias against overplayed themes. And vampires, certainly, have had more than their 15 minutes of fame lately.

But this book is a great deal more. The story goes back to the very beginning — two thousand years ago — to the first vampire and the creation of the village’s response to this new, fearful creature: an immortal that is equally matched and able to fight and kill vampires.

Two thousand years later, vampires and immortals still desperately hate each other, even though two of them were married at one time and continue to have strong feelings for each other that transcend what they have become.

Toward to beginning of the book, Leisha, a vampire, is saved from a federal experiment by a mortal teenager who has visions. Leisha must find a way to save this mortal from the vampires who would abuse her power as well as her husband, the first immortal.

Filled with adventure, suspense, a surprise ending and a love story, Dissension will make you forget about every other vampire book as you lose yourself in its pages.


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