My Thoughts On Don’t Ever Get Old by Friedman

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This book had one of the best first chapters I have ever read. Informed that one of the soldiers he fought with in World War II is on his death bed and wants to talk to him, Buck asks that man’s daughter for a ride to the hospital.

Once there his friend admits a horrible secret, and instead of forgiving him, Buck whispers that he hopes his ‘friend’ burns in hell.

Shocked and upset by not receiving forgivness at the very end of his life, his friend goes into cardiac arrest and dies.

Buck walks up to the grieving daughter and says, “There’s nothing you can do for him now. . .but I need a ride home.”

And there begins your introduction to Buck.

A true mystery, this book contains many twists and turns. But it also gets dark and violent and there are many, many f-bombs. Nonetheless, the first chapter is incredible.


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