My Thoughts on Hitchers by Will McIntosh

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I am not a big reader of paranormal stories, but this one was interesting. Two years before a huge anthrax attack, Finn loses his wife and his grandfather on the same day. His tragedy intensifies when he loses his two best friends in the anthrax attacks and almost loses his own life when his truck crashes into the water and he is clinically dead for ten minutes.

After the attacks, Atlanta is in shock again as the survivors are overcome with voices. Many people start having involuntary voices and statements come out of their own mouths. And Finn recognizes his. It’s his grandfather. And he is convinced that if his grandfather is back, his wife might be, too. . . But he must have to do something shocking to find her. But while he is seeking her, he needs to find a way to convince his grandfather to let go.

This book grabs ahold of you and does not let go for a couple hundred of pages. I do not seek out paranormal stories, but I am glad that I found this one.


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