My Thoughts on Wife 22 by Gideon

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What do you do when you reach your tipping year? Alice’s mother died when she was 44, and now Alice is 44. It’s her tipping year — the year when she moves past her mother. And it is a time to go a wee bit crazy.

Who can blame her? Alice faces her husbad losing his job after throwing an embarrassing fit in the office, a daughter that might have an eating disroder and a son who is gay but just does not know it. Everything is tumbling apart.

So when Alice receives a survey via email, she decides to respond to it. She enters into the survey and into a dialogue with Researcher 101 and feels validated and heard. And she falls in love.

About halfway through the book, the reader starts wondering, “Is it possible that. . .” just to find out in the last few pages that not only is it possible, it is the big “twist”. The twist you see coming 200 pages early. Ugh.

I did not love this book, but it had some excellent moments in it. The discourse on a Facebook life were very interesting and almost made the entire book worth reading. . .if only I had not seen the surprise ending coming even before the surprise was set up. Yawn.


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