My Thoughts on Pitch Green by The Brothers Washburn

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Pitch GreenTrona is a small, little town in the middle of the California desert. Not much happens in this little town, but something is happening to it. Every few years a small child will disappear, without a trace. A few years ago it was Cal’s little brother. Now another little boy has disappeared from his backyard, the only evidence left behind is green slime found on a toy he was playing with when his mother stepped back inside for a few minutes.

The FBI finally arrives in Trona to discover what is happening and Camm, Cal’s oldest and best friend, wants the FBI to begin their search in one location: an immense mansion that was closed and locked up decades ago. The night Cal’s brother died, they last saw him in fron of the mansion. Now, with the FBI in tow, they get an opportunity to finally look inside.

Written for the Young Adult market, this book terrified this Adult enough that I could only read a chapter at a time. In the daylight. Securely in my own tightly locked house.

Cal and Camm finally receive a few of the answers they are looking for, but once the federal government arrives on the scene, the story continues on.Their anxiety for true resolution is only matched by my desire to read the next installment.


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