My Thoughts On How To Eat A Cupcake by Donohue

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There appear to be a great number of these books out lately. I have read a few in the last year: a mystery that surrounds a cupcakery where the chef is also the detective and at the end of each chapter we find some yummy recipes.

This book was along those lines — sans the recipes. Annie and Julia grew up together ad wer best friends . . .until the world got in the way. Annie was the daughter of “the help” and eventually Julia tried to put her in her place by starting a rumor about her their senior year.

For years Annie has held a grudge, but when Julia offers to help her start her own cupcakery, she decides to try to set the past aside and see if they can just work together.

There are a few mysteries in this book: where is Annie’s mother’s diary? Who is the mysterious man that hangs around the shop? What secret is Julia keeping from her family and fiance? Who is sabotaging the new cupcakery?

At the end, all mysteries are resolved and everything gets wound up with a nice, tight bow. Kudos to the author because one mystery I did not even see coming, and usually I see everything!


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