My Thoughts on The Lifeboat by Rogan

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I believe that in another life I could have been a fabulous editor. Not because I am quick to find grammar mistakes on the page, I am proud of the fact that I can spell grammar to begin with, but because I usually have ideas on how to make a good book great.

For example, The Lifeboat by Rogan. This is the story of Grace who, while on her honeymoon, found herself on a sinking ship. Through the bribery of her wealthy husband (or not?) she was able to get on a lifeboat with 38 other people and together they tried to stay in the area and waited for rescuers to come. Surely someone sent out a distress signal? Surely someone will come?

At the very beginning of the book Grace is off of the lifeboat, safe and sound, but she is being prosecuted for murder. The book is her recollection of what happened on that lifeboat for 21 days and then of being in prison and on trial. But the reader gets a sense that her recollection has been cleaned up a bit and her involvement in some of the activities on the boat, even relating to Mary Ann (yes, I caught that last threat), may not be as innocent as she outlines and seems to believe herself.

The book ends with just a hint, a little whisper, of the true character of Grace. I wish there had been a little more. Perhaps it would have been too similar to Life of Pi, but I wish that she would have received a letter from a survivor on the boat, providing another view into her life and her actions, perhaps trying to blackmail her? It would have made a good book great.


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