My Thoughts on Firelight by Callihan

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Sigh. Did I really just read a romance novel? Again?

Yes, yes I did.

Miranda is 19 years old when she is rescued by a strange man who chooses to stay in the shadows. Little does he know that because of her amazing powers (she can start anything on fire — even people) she was very capable of saving herself. Still, the encounter stays with both of them for three years until Miranda is forced by her money-grubbing father to marry the mysterious stranger — Lord Archer.

Archer wears masks but Miranda is able to discover that half of his face is fine. But he wears a silk shield on the other half if his face, even under the mask. What happened? What is under the mask? These are things that Miranda desperately tries to find out, all while Archer’s close friends are being killed, and he is being framed for their murders.

It’s an interesting read because you really do not know what is under the mask — it keeps you guessing. And Miranda is a fun heroine. But I could never recommend this book because there were a lot of steamy scenes.

At the end, Archer is forced to sacrifice everything and Miranda attempts to use her power to bring him back. That scene was a little confusing and I am still not sure I understood exactly what happened, but apparently they lived happily ever after!


One thought on “My Thoughts on Firelight by Callihan

    Tara said:
    April 15, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    I love that you keep accidently reading romance novels

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