My Thoughts On The False Prince by Nielsen

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This was a fun, quick read. Sage is an orphan trying to staying fed and convince the orphanage owner to let him stay, though he is nearly of age and can be thrown out at any time. He is picked up by Conner who has a plan to take over the country. . .if he can convince everyone that the Prince is still alive. He just needs an orphan to train and fill the role.

Sage undergoes strenuous sword fighting classes, reading classes, horseback riding classes, history classes, all to help him get ready to fill this role. But, Sage is one step ahead of this process, and he has his own surprise in place for Connor and for the country.

I saw the *surprise* ending coming early. I even told my eight year old daughter the outline of the plot, and she guessed the ending as well. There were a few things that threw me off. Hair color? Left handed? Accent? These little intrigues made for an interesting book and a great read.


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