My Thoughts On Blood Moon by Harman

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Blood Moon

Willa is trying very hard to be a ‘normal’, which is difficult when she has vivid dreams that show her the future and her best friend is a ghost. These gifts have kept her apart from her friends and even her family as she struggles internally with feelings of confusion and loneliness.

Until she meets Simon. In one of the best opening chapters ever written, Willa meets Simon, a student at the local university, who has his own unique and powerful gifts. Together they learn more about their powers and work together with other witches to fight Archard, an evil witch who is trying to return the earth back to the Dark Ages.

Blood Moon is a unique novel, delving into the life of good witches who are fighting for their lives and the world around them. Full of battles, witch spells and witch incantations, it is not everyone’s cup of brew. But those willing to take the broom-less journey (they travel in SUVs and private planes) will embark on a great action-packed journey with a beauitful love story at its heart.

My only regret about reading this book is that I read it so early. It is the first book of The Moonlight Trilogy, and the second book is not due out until next summer. It is going to be a long wait.


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