My Thoughts On The Shape Of Mercy By Meissner

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This book is essentially broken into two parts: Lauren’s story as she tried to find her own road while attending college and Mercy’s story as her journal is being discovered by Lauren.

I loved Mercy’s story.  Living only with her sick father, Mercy is very vulnerable during the Salem Witch Trials.  A quiet girl that has caught the eye of a sought-after neighbor boy, Mercy quickly becomes one of the innocents targeted by truly evil village girls.  Her story is heartbreaking and fascinating, all at the same time.  As the reader, you know that her story is fiction, but what happened to her did happen to many, many others. 

I did not like Lauren’s story.  Spoiled, judgmental and entitled all while trying to not be any of those things, her story basically is about a wealthy girl complaining about wealth.  Poor thing!

I could have used a lot more Mercy and a lot less Lauren.


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