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While I was in Hawaii I happily took my Nook down to the pool and read a few books. First, actually I read Cheyenne Amber by Anderson on the plane. A basic romance, this is the story of recently widowed Laura Cheney who must utilize the skills of the local bad boy in order to track down her kidnapped son. Um, yes, you can see where this one goes. . .

Next, I moved to Jessica’s Guide To Dating The Dark Side by Fantaskey. With a last name like Fantaskey, it has to be good, right?

It was a fun book. Jessica is starting her senior year of High School when an exchange student informs her that she is a Princess. A Vampire Princess. And they are supposed to be married and rule a group of vampires in Romania.

This does not fit in with Jessica’s plans for her senior year. She has her eye on a local farm boy. And she would rather not be a vampire. Nothing profound here, but still a fun story.

There is a sequel, Jessica Rules The Dark Side, which is also fun.

Fantaskey also wrote Jekel Loves Hyde, the story of Jill Jekel and Tristen Hyde who must use the original novel as well as the notes Jill finds in her murdered father’s study in order to help Tristen kill the Hyde inside of himself. The ending is a little incomplete. but it’s a good summer read.


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