My Thoughts On The Matchmaker of Kenmare by Delaney

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I made a mistake before starting this book. I did not realize how long it was. So many pages! Such small type! And I simply did not do the research on the author and the book. So I did not realize that this was a “middle” book — it had a prequel and it has a sequel. So I spent the first 150 pages completely lost.

The main character, Ben, is his wife dead? How long were they married? Who is this man Ben keeps looking for? Was she pregnant? Is she in America? WHAT happened with his wife and his father?

These are all questions that were answered in the first book and only quietly hinted at in this book.

It was a rough beginning, but it was worth it as Ben puts aside the pain of looking for his wife, Venetia, when he meets Kate, a matchmaker.

But right after he meets Kate, she meets Charles, and that is where her heart finds its home. When Charles needs help, she is there, and she drags poor Ben along the journey to gather a spy out of France and to look for Charles in Germany when he is Missing in Action. Ben says he is doing it for his job (he collects stories) but the reader knows he does it out of love for Kate.

It’s a good book but a confusing one. Is this a love story? Is Charles out of the picture? Is Venetia? Is this a story of Ben and Kate coming together?

The answers come for Kate at the end but it’s the very very last paragraph or a long book that hints at Charles trying to find the end of his story. So I’m off to find Book 3!


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